Mood Swings

moodswings1 Most people that have mood swings...

Do not even realize how unpredictable their moods can fluctuate.
They can become irritable and unreasonable over the smallest of things.
Mood swings are commonly associated with fibromyalgia. One common cause is hormone imbalances. Disruptions in hormones are found in most fibromyalgia sufferers. 
Depression is common in fibromyalgia. So common, in fact, that it was once thought to be the cause of fibromyalgia. However, we know now that in the vast majority of cases, depression is a symptom rather than a cause. Altered hormones combined with chronic pain will no doubt predispose one to unhappiness.



Feeling tired, drained, exhausted, and depressed, these are symptoms commonly known as fatigue.

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Sleep Disturbance

You wake every morning feeling like you were up all night, well maybe you were.

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Everyday people suffer from pain that is being directed inside their head, the term we use for this is headaches.

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Brain Fog

Do you feel like your brain is "stuffed up"? You may be experiencing brain fog.

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Mood Swings

Most people that have mood swings do not even realize how unpredictable their moods can fluctuate.

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General Pain

When pain occurs it is showing you that somewhere in your body a problem has surfaced.

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As a fibromyalgia sufferer of more than ten years, I have never experienced more pain relief than I have as a patient of Colorado Fibromyalgia Center. The doctors and staff are knowledgeable, friendly, and caring. They really listen to you and help you learn to help yourself. I had never received this kind of help from any of my caregivers in the past. I now have hope of being able to live life with little or no pain because I know what I need to do to stay healthy. Thank you to everyone at CFC. You have been amazing.

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