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Manage My Pain Tutorial – Pain Tracker App

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Why should I use a pain tracker app?

One of the factors that can help with patient success in our Fibromyalgia Program, or any chronic pain patients journey to reducing pain symptoms, is having the ability to accurately explain pain symptoms that they are experiencing to their doctor. The ability to accurately describe chronic pain symptoms to your doctor is essential in discovering the best treatment path for each individual Fibromyalgia patient. For this reason, we encourage our patients to use the free mobile pain tracker app Manage My Pain.

Manage My Pain is designed to help people who experience chronic pain symptoms of all kinds to better understand their pain. This is achieved through the simple and easy to use layout that allows users to record their pain for the day in less than 2 minutes.

“The goal is to address one of the biggest challenges people with chronic pain have, which is communicating with their doctor [...] A lot of the time people who suffer with chronic pain struggle to find the words to actually express what they are going through—it is really hard to describe pain. This helps facilitate that conversation. A lot of times people with chronic pain aren’t even believed that their pain is real.”

Tahir Janmohamed - Manage My Pain

Some of the most noticeable benefits of using Manage My Pain are; empowerment, allowing you to become your own advocate and take control over your pain; self-awareness, monitoring your pain over time and reflecting on daily accomplishments may help you manage life better; progress, helps patients see how treatments are working (or not working) over time.

How do get started with Manage My Pain?

Step 1: Download The App

Head over to the app store on your mobile device (same place you download any applications from) and search “Manage My Pain”.

Android Users:

You can also follow this link on your phone to take you directly to it!

IPhone Users:

You can also follow this link on your phone to take you directly to it!

Step 2: Open App / Create Account

1. Once you open Manage My Pain, you will see a screen similar to the image below. Click on the “My Profile” button.

*Although you do not need an account to use the application, you do need one to create reports, which is the most useful function in Manage My Pain

Fibromyalgia Pain Tracker App

2. Once on the My Profile screen, click the green “Log In” button. Don’t worry if you do not have an account yet, this shows the steps to creating your account.

3. Once on the login screen, tap “Register For Free” at the bottom of your screen.

4. You will be asked to either create an account connected with your Google / Facebook, or submit your email address and create a password. Either option is fine. If you are using the email and password option, make sure to accept the privacy policy and click “Register”.

Once this step is complete, you will receive an email with a link to activate your account.

5. Check the inbox of the email that you registered your account with for an email from “ManagingLife”. Open the email and click the button to activate your account.

Step 3: Create Daily Pain Records

Now that you have created your free account, you can start adding your pain record for the day.

1. Navigate to the “My Profile” tab on the bottom, and login with your username and password that was created in the first steps of this tutorial.

2. Once logged in you will be on the “Home Screen”. This is where you create your daily pain entries from. Slide the white slider along the scale to choose your pain level from 1-10. Once you move the slider, a button will appear to “Add Pain Record”. Tap this green button to enter the details about the pain you are experiencing.

3. Tap on each of the questions to enter your information. The answers are in easily tappable button form, which helps to make daily entries very quick.

3. Tap on each of the questions to enter your information. The answers are in easily tappable button form, which helps to make daily entries very quick.

4. Once you tap into a question you can select a pre-defined answer. If the standard answers do not accurately describe the pain that you are feeling, you can tap “Edit List” to add options.

Options that you add with the Edit List feature will appear as a main option for all future pain tracking entries.

5. If you choose the option to Edit List, you will see this screen with other additional answers that are greyed out. Tap the answer you wish to add to the list, or tap “Add New” at the bottom right to add a custom answer. In this example “Leg (Left)” is highlighted, but feel free to choose whichever option best describes your pain.

Regardless of if you choose an existing option or create your own, you will need to press the green “Apply Changes” button at the bottom to save your changes.

6. After you have answered all of the questions, make sure to click the green “Save” button at the bottom of the page to save the data that you have entered.

Once you enter a few days worth of pain tracking records, the proceeds will be a breeze, you will be completing entries in under 2 minutes!

Step 4: Creating Reports To Print For Your Doctor

After you have been making daily entries into Manage My Pain, you will be able to use the most powerful feature, which is creating reports.

1. To create a report, navigate to the “Report” tab at the bottom of the screen.

2. Now that you are in the Reports section of Manage My Pain, choose the “Pain Summary” option. Once you have selected this option (check mark appears in the circle next to it), scroll down and press the green “Generate Report” button.

*Note: There are other options listed such as Patient Profile, Record Details, Chart view, but these are paid options and are not needed to create the basic report to bring with you to your next appointment with your Fibromyalgia Doctor.

3. Once you have tapped the Generate Report button you will see a notification saying “Report Request Received”.

You will receive your report by email, to the email address that you have created you Manage My Pain account with.

Although it says that it may take up to an hour to receive your report, it usually comes to your inbox within 10 minutes. Just remember to request it with enough time before your appointment incase it takes longer than usual to process.

What Does A Manage My Pain Report Look Like?

Below is a sample of what your pain tracker app report will look like. If you only have a few days of tracking under your belt, it will not be as complete looking as the sample below, so don’t worry if yours looks different!

As you can see, the way that your data is represented will help both you and your doctor better understand your pain, ultimately resulting in better treatment and understanding of how your daily actions effect pain symptoms.

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