Myer's IV Micronutrient Therapy

The Myers IV Cocktail is a formula of intravenous vitamins and minerals which was established by the late Dr. John Myers, MD, and then continued by Alan R. Gaby, MD; who is a renowned nutritional medicine expert. They were successful in treating a large number of clinical conditions with this nutrient infusion.

This treatment has been successful in treating a large number of conditions, including Fibromyalgia. The Myers IV is an excellent tool to greatly increase energy and mental clarity while decreasing pain and recovery time. 

How Does It Work?

An intravenous approach is used when administering these nutrients that ensure absorption and use in the body. It “skips the middle man”, bypassing the gut and which can improperly break down pill form supplements due to malabsorption issues, causing the body to not utilize these nutrients properly. Delivering nutrients directly into the bloodstream is the most efficient way to guarantee your body is properly receiving these nutrients.

Even if you are eating all of the correct foods and vitamins, if malabsorption issues are present in the gut, your body may not actually be receiving the benefits of a healthy diet. 

How Will It Help My Healing Process?

Due to the increased physical and mental energy along with decreased pain and recovery time, the Myer’s IV is an essential tool that helps act as a platform for your progression through the Fibromyalgia program.

The best time to introduce this therapy to your regimen is at the beginning of our Fibromyalgia treatment program. This will allow you to progress faster with your manual therapies and physical rehab since you will experience less soreness to the changes that we need to make. Besides recovery times, you will have increased energy to complete the goals that we will be setting for you.

The Myer’s IV gives your body the necessary “jump start” the it needs to gain momentum on your path towards recovery.

Some of the most common benefits of the Myer’s IV include:

  • Increased Mental Clarity
  • Less “Fibro Fog”
  • More Energy
  • Ability To Focus Longer
  • Improved Mental Clarity

How Effective Is it?

Generally, our Fibromyalgia patients who receive Myer’s IV therapy begin to notice incredible results after 2-3 treatments.

Another highly valuable aspect to starting the Myer’s IV is that it can be used as a diagnostic tool. If we see incredible results such as increase in energy and decrease in mental fog right off the bat, it will signal us that we need to explore other causes that may be contributing to your symptoms such as diet or gut malabsorption issues.

In cases where we see more neutral results, that signals to us that you do not have depletion of these specific nutrients, which we often recommend supplementation in the future as a more cost effective approach. 

Overall, the Myer’s IV tells our doctors a lot about potential issues that may be contributing to your symptoms, resulting in the ability for us to provide the best care possible that is tailored to your body. 

What Is In the Myer's IV?

The blend of nutrients that we use to treat our Fibromyalgia patients includes Saline, B-complex, B-12, Magnesium, Calcium, Selenium, and Vitamin C.

Saline Fluid (500ml)

Saline fluid acts as a source of hydration, and is the foundation of intravenous solutions commonly used in most medical settings.

Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid 1000mg)

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that can strengthen your body‛s natural defenses, which can help reduce a patient’s risks of chronic diseases. Vitamin C also acts as an antioxidant to help repair tissue and reduce damage from inflammation. Vitamin C can help increase the absorption of iron, which can help reduce iron deficiencies, which causes symptoms such as: extreme fatigue, headaches, cold hands, and cold feet. Vitamin C aids in boosting your immunity by helping white blood cells function more effectively. Recent studies have also shown that it can help protect against memory and other cognitive losses.

Vitamin B12 (Hydroxocobalamin 1000mcg)

Vitamin B-12 is crucial to the normal function of the brain and the nervous system. It is also involved in the formation of red blood cells, plays a role in increasing bone health, and boosts energy. B12 is also involved in the brain’s release of serotonin, which helps improve mood.

Magnesium (1050mg)

Magnesium is an important mineral that plays a role in hundreds of chemical reactions throughout the human body. Some of its many functions include: helping with muscle and nerve function, decreasing symptoms of depression, decreasing inflammation, provides relief from migraine symptoms, regulates blood pressure, and supports the immune system. Studies have shown Magnesium can decrease muscle tension and nerve pain.

Vitamin B Complex

B vitamins play a necessary role in maintaining overall excellent health and well-being. Vitamin B complex, specifically, helps prevent infections and supports: cell health.

Calcium (Calcium Chloride 100mg)

Your body requires calcium in order to circulate blood, move muscles, and release hormones. You can think of your bones as your body‛s calcium reservoir. If you don‛t get enough calcium in your diet, your body will take it from your bones leading to osteoporosis. Since your body does not naturally produce Calcium, you need to make sure your diet or supplementation gets your body the amount needed.

Selenium (200mcg - 0.2mg)

Selenium is a powerful antioxidant. Again, this helps fight against oxidative stress on the body. This helps decrease cognitive decline and is shown to help with memory. Selenium helps protect the thyroid gland, which will regulate certain hormones in the body. Lastly it will help boost your immune system and decrease overall inflammation in the body.

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Please note that Myer’s IV is NOT covered by insurance. We offer single treatments for $150, or a prepaid 4-pack for $500. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Contrary to our other available treatments and specialties, the Myer’s IV Therapy is not covered by insurance. While our providers stand by the incredible benefits of this treatment, we do understand that this is not affordable for everyone out of pocket. 

  • Single Treatment – $150
  • Discounted 4 Pack – $500

Patient Feedback About Myer's IV

“Initially I feel energized for about an hour, then I feel my muscles relax and the tightness in my calves relax. I recommend these IV’s for anyone with low energy or muscle tightness due to Fibromyalgia, magnesium deficiency or neuropathy.”

JoGenia T.

Ignacio, CO

“The Myers IV, I have recently started getting them, but I’ve gotten them in the past and in my opinion it has made a big difference, I am happy to continue getting them especially at this time with COVID.”

Jill W.