Mobile Pain Symptom Tracking

One of the factors that can help with patient success in our Fibromyalgia Program, is having the ability to accurately explain pain symptoms that they are experiencing to our doctor, which is essential in discovering the best treatment path for each individual Fibromyalgia patient. For this reason, we encourage our patients to use the free mobile application Manage My Pain.

Manage My Pain is designed to help people who experience chronic pain symptoms of all kinds to better understand their pain. This is achieved through the simple and easy to use layout that allows users to record their pain for the day in less than 2 minutes.

The benefits of using Manage My Pain are; empowerment, allowing you to become your own advocate and take control over your pain; self-awareness, monitoring your pain over time and reflecting on daily accomplishments may help you manage life better; progress, helps patients see how treatments are working (or not working) over time.

How does this assist in successful treatment?

Once a patient starts using Manage My Pain, the application starts collecting and storing all of the data that you enter daily. The items that are entered align excellently with common pain symptoms felt by Fibromyalgia patients, and you can even add you own custom responses to each entry that are stored for future use.

The questions that users respond to about their pain daily are:

  • How is your pain right now?

  • Where does it hurt?

  • What besides pain are you feeling?

  • What words best describe your pain?

  • What made your pain worse?
  • What medication did you take for your pain?

  • What besides medication did you try for your pain?

  • How long did your pain last?

  • Where were you during your pain?

  • Notes

Now for the best part! With just a few taps, Manage My Pain automatically summarizes your pain for up to the last 30 days, and creates unique reports that help our doctors better understand your pain. Not only does does this provide our doctor with a direct link to all of the pain symptoms that you have been experiencing, but it also help patients more easily remember the pain symptoms that have been occurring since the last visit.

Customized reports such as this help us determine which treatments produce the most success in the management of our patients pain, and allow us to better tailor a plan of action that really works. Colorado Fibromyalgia Centers goal is to help our patients achieve the quality of life that they deserve, and this technology can be a key stepping stone on the path to recovery. 

How do I use Manage My Pain?

Manage My Pain is a simple and easy to use application that anyone will be able to master in no time at all. Please check out our comprehensive tutorial on how to setup, create daily entries, and get custom reports on Manage My Pain. Even if you are someone who struggles with technology, we guarantee that you will be a rock star by the time you read through our guide!